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What you need is a White Trolley for your Wedding Photoshoot

The Miami White Trolley is a traditional and authentic way to have a stunning arrival at your wedding reception. The trolley is spacious for large or small groups. The white exterior makes an authentic contrast, while the wooden interior gives you the classic feel you want on your special day!

White Trolleys are not just the best option for Wedding transportation, it's also the best choice if you want to have the most beautiful pictures on your day.

On your rental time, you can use your Trolley for your Wedding transportation, but you can also use some time to capture that beautiful moment and transform it into the most amazing wedding pictures, let yourself live the vintage experience of having a White Trolley for your big day.

We can offer many packages for the Trolley Rental, and each package has a different cost, we can work depending on your needs. Our most common packages are:

  1. One way transportation

  2. 3 Round trip

  3. 5 hours rental

  4. 8 hours rental

To book our vintage White Trolley you can click on the following button you will find below in order to fill out some information and our booking agents will be contacting you shortly.

The White Trolley's vintage style will result in the perfect pictures for your Wedding day, book our White Trolley and live the real experience.

You can also feel free to call us at 786 565 1088 and we will be glad to help you.


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