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How to Plan the Best Itinerary for Your Trolley Wedding Transportation

Are you planning a wedding and considering using a trolley for your transportation needs? A trolley is a great choice for a wedding because it adds a touch of charm and sophistication to your big day. Plus, it's a practical solution for transporting guests from one location to another.

Here are some tips on how to plan the best itinerary for your trolley wedding transportation:

Plan with time

Planning is key to making sure your wedding transportation goes smoothly. Contact your trolley provider in advance and discuss your plans with them. This will help them figure out the best route to take and the number of vehicles needed to transport all your guests.

Exact locations and addresses

Make sure you provide the exact locations and addresses of where all your guests need to be picked up and dropped off. This could include bridesmaids getting ready at one location, groomsmen at another location, and guests staying at different hotels. Your trolley provider can help you plan the best route to pick up everyone and transport them to the wedding venue.

Pick-up times

It's essential to let your trolley provider know what time your ceremony starts. They can advise you on when to start the transportation and how long it will take to transport everyone. We always recommend starting the transportation 1.5 to 1 hour before any call time to make sure that everyone arrives on time. Remember, it's better to be early than late.

Assigned parking

When planning for your trolley transportation, don't forget to assign a place or parking for the trolley or the vehicle you are renting. Having a designated spot for the vehicle near the door of your venue, church, or hotel will make it easier and faster for the driver to pick up the guests. Make sure to communicate with your venue and let them know about the vehicle that you will be renting for transportation to make a space for you. To avoid the driver searching for parking somewhere else and wasting more time, it's best to plan ahead.

Here is an example timeline of a real-life wedding we have done:


Transfer #1:

Arrive 4:20/depart 4:40

Marriott Courtyard Coconut Grove, 2649 S Bayshore Dr, Miami

Arrive 4:45 Villa Woodbine, 2167 S Bayshore Dr, Coconut Grove/Miami

Transfer #2:

Arrive 4:50/depart 4:55 Marriott Courtyard Coconut Grove, 2649 S Bayshore Dr, Miami

Arrive 5:00: Villa Woodbine, 2167 S Bayshore Dr, Coconut Grove/Miami

9:30 pm and 10:15 pm: Trolleys will depart Villa Woodbine if guests wish to leave early.

Here are some popular hotel locations where your guests might be staying:

  • Courtyard Coconut Grove, 2649 S Bayshore Dr, Miami, FL 33133

  • Ritz Carlton Coconut Grove, 3300 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33133

  • Hotel Arya, Coconut Grove, 2889 McFarlane Rd, Miami, FL 33133

In conclusion, planning the best itinerary for your trolley wedding transportation requires careful consideration of all aspects of the transportation process, including planning with time, providing exact locations and addresses, pick-up times, and assigned parking. Follow these tips to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly

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